In the beginning

After years of cooking countless meals and exchanging recipes with my friends, I realized I wanted (and needed) a “formal” place to keep track of what I make. At the same time, I figured I would share it with friends and perhaps some eventual random followers. My Food to You is a space to play, make lists, and post my amateur photos so I remember what a dish looked like, and maybe someday it will turn into a proper online recipe exchange…but one step at a time. 

A bit about me: I am not a professional cook, photographer, or writer, but I am highly skilled at the following: wandering through grocery store aisles; obsessing about amazing but mostly horrible food packaging; and discovering new food recipes and making them my own. I like to take a little from here and a bit from there and see what happens. Trust me, it’s way more fun than following a recipe and you start to develop an intuition about cooking over time.

My first post will be up next…! 


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