Some like it (too) hot

Last week I was at Lucky’s Market in North Boulder, perusing the gorgeous exclusively-organic produce section, when I came across a little sign for Padron Peppers that suggested frying them up in olive oil with a little sea salt. Really anything with olive oil and sea salt is heaven in my book, and I was in the mood to take on a little kitchen experiment action, so I grabbed a few. Here’s where it gets interesting. While I thought I grabbed Padron Peppers, which look like the little green guys below, I actually grabbed Cherry Peppers, the red mamas even further below. Whole different ball game I discovered after my first bite. Hence the title of this entry… Anyhow, the same recipe and cooking instructions can, and should, be applied to Padrons. Cherry peppers are not for the faint of heart, but, they make for nice pictures so I hope you enjoy!


I’m calling them Cherry Pepper Poppers.


What you will need: Padron peppers, olive oil, sea salt, deep frying pan, splatter cover, metal tongs.

-Rinse off and pat dry peppers

-In a deep frying pan, add approximately 1/3 inch of olive oil

-Turn burner to medium heat to warm up the oil.

-Before the oil gets too hot, add the peppers and cover the pan with the splatter cover.

-As the oil starts to work its way into the skin of the peppers they will start to crackle and pop (sometimes loudly).

-Once you see the skin start to blister, with the metal tongs turn the peppers so that all sides get equal oil time.

-After about 8-10 minutes, peppers should look blistery and dark. Remove from heat with tongs and place on a plate.

-Sprinkle sea salt on top and let cool a bit before digging in.






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