Eat Like a Greek

I am probably the last person you will ever catch taking part in a fad diet, and don’t worry, this post isn’t really about dieting. However, I heard part of a recent report on NPR discussing the Mediterranean Diet: whole grains, fish, plenty of vegetables, olive oil, nuts, and fruit. Who doesn’t want to eat that for every meal and further, how could you not feel healthy if you ate delicious combinations of those foods everyday? I’d be happy and healthy as a clam if I consistently ate like that…and according to this New York Times story, so would the people of the Mediterranean. As it turns out, they aspire to eat french fries and other assorted junk just about as much as we do.

But, a girl can still dream. So, this morning I made my breakfast with a nod to that warm, salty, ocean breezy place where I like to believe people still eat like the ancient Cretans.

What’s on my plate: lightly toasted Kalamata olive bread smothered with tahina sauce, and topped with a fried egg and sliced tomato; arugula, cucumbers and Castelvetrano olives. Drizzle olive oil, a wedge of lemon, salt and pepper over everything. 




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