Be Inspired By Your ‘Fridge

You know that feeling when you come across an object or a place that resonates with you in an almost indescribable way? It could also stem from an encounter with a stranger or entering a room that feels like home. About six months ago I stumbled upon a blog that embodies that feeling for me. 101 Cookbooks: A Recipe Journal by Heidi Swanson, is largely about food, but in her simple discussion of food she incorporates gorgeous photography which amounts to a shared aesthetic; hints at her approach to cooking and buying ingredients; and every so often sends out an inspiring list of links she has gathered over the course of a few weeks. Her blogging style is inspiring to me because she shares only that which is true for her, and sometimes that means sending a recipe or an idea that is very understated. Simplicity is key. I’ll admit, I don’t always love the recipes, other times I swoon over them, but that’s not the point. We don’t always have time to make grand feasts for our families, or have a fabulous dinner party every other Saturday night. Sometimes we just have to throw together what’s in the fridge for sustenance and be okay with it.

This week Heidi sent a link to an article that everyone who has a kitchen in their home (yes, that’s you!) and enjoys a home cooked meal every now and again (also you!), should take a moment to read. The article was originally featured on Gilt Taste, an indulgent website to say the least, and is all about moving away from the sacred ‘recipe’ and into a place of using our creative minds and intuitions to gather the good ingredients we already have in our refrigerators and pantries, and create a meal from there. It’s kind of like those decide your own ending books, except with cooking! This is something a few very special people in my life have taught me to do over the last couple of years, but it is still a work in progress. Alas, I encourage you to, dare I say it, stop reading the blogs and magazines for tons of recipes you’ll never remember, and just start playing around with what you’ve already got. I promise, what you have is more than enough.

And lastly, here is my first attempt to gather some noteworthy blogs for you reading and obviously, eating pleasure. (Click on the listings for the link).

Alternative breakfast ideas

A one of a kind yogurt company

Sassafras – Denver

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