Shoshana Romer recently completed a Master’s in Food Systems at New York University where she focused on studying market-based solutions to the ever-increasing challenges of today’s food industry. Her research included case studies on agricultural policy and production, the economics of food markets, and international trade. For her thesis, Shoshana conducted a market analysis of private label products, evaluating how packaging communicates transparency to its target consumer.

Shoshana’s passion for the food world started young. At her family’s business, Rudi’s Organic Bakery, she saw firsthand how to run a successful independent food enterprise. Since then, she has worked at artisanal food companies including Rick’s Pick’s and Print Restaurant in New York City.

Prior to her food career, Shoshana held the position of Director of Accounts & Sales at John Robshaw Textiles, a boutique textile design company specializing in luxury textiles for the home, made using artisanal Indian block-printing techniques. Additionally, Shoshana worked in marketing for Penguin Publishing and Random House Audio Books.

Shoshana has gathered food for CSAs, volunteered in soup kitchens, and spends her free hours wandering the aisles of food markets nationwide in pursuit of inspiring artisanal products.

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